Specialist in Underground Infrastructure and Asset Relocation

Plant & Equipment

Small - Grundo 4x
Installation Distance1m – 50m
Installation Pipe Size25mm – 100mm
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Medium #1 - Vermeer D20x22FX Series II
Installation Distance1m – 64m
Installation Pipe Size25mm – 550mm
Spindle Torque2200 ft-lb/2982.8 Nm
Drilling Fluid on Truck3,600L
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Medium #2 - Vermeer D20x22 Series II
Installation Distance1m – 100m
Installation Pipe Size25mm – 550mm
Spindle Torque1430 ft-lb/1938.82 Nm
Drilling Fluid on Truck3,600L
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Large #1- Vermeer D36x50 Series II
Installation Distance1m – 180m
Installation Pipe Size25mm – 650mm
Spindle Torque4995 ft-lb/6772.32 Nm
Drilling Fluid on Truck6,000L
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Large #2- Grundo 18ACS
Installation Distance1m – 220m
Installation Pipe Size25mm – 650mm
Spindle Torque7375 ft-lb/10,000 Nm
Drilling Fluid on Truck8,000L
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Extra Large -Vermeer D80x100 Series II
Installation Distance1m – 350m
Installation Pipe Size25mm – 1000mm
Spindle Torque10000 ft-lb/13558.2 Nm
Drilling Fluid on Truck7,400L
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Rock Drilling Equipment

All of our machines have the capability of drilling Rock. When the rock gets to a point where we need the used of specialised Rock Drilling Equipment. This may include one Or many of the following items

With the use of the Vermeer R.A.T.T. attachment utilized on either the D20x22 or D36x50, we have the capability to drill almost all Rock types.

The Grundo Drill 18ACS with it Twin Rod System is able to drill rock at any point needed, giving it an advantage over other drills

With the use of our Wenzel Mud Motor(Which uses water to run) on the Vermeer D80x100 there is no ground that can stop this Combination, we have Drilled, Blue Stone, Stand Stone, Quartz, Cobble Stone to name a few.

We also have a Range of Rock Roller Open Openers (Back Reamers) 12”(300mm), 18” (450mm), 25”(600mm), & the Monster 32” (800mm)

Vacuum Systems & Water Truck

With 7 x Vacuum Systems of various size available, we can control all drilling Fluid created by our Drilling Rigs. These Vacuum Systems also have the capability of Pot Hole Service or sometimes call Non Destructive Digging and/or Hydro Excavation. Please Contact us to discuss your Project

We also have a Water Truck to Supply water to our Drill Rig to enable them continuous boring with out the need to leave site to obtain Water

We currently have the Following Vacuum Systems

  • 1 x Vermeer V100 Gallon Vacuum System – Mounted on a Hino Truck Which accompanies one of our Grundo Drill Rigs
  • 2 x Vermeer Vactron LP305DT 305 Gallon Vacuum System – Trailer Mounted
  • 1 x JB Sales 2000 Litre Vacuum System –Trailer Mounted
  • 1 x Vermeer VSK1200 Gallon Vacuum System With Hydraulically operated Boom – Mounted on a Hino Pro 14 Tandem Drive Truck
  • 1 x Vermeer VSK2000 Gallon Vacuum System – Mounted on a Hino Series 500 tandem Drive Truck
  • 1 x Vermeer VSK2000 Gallon Vacuum System With Hydraulically operated Boom – Mounted on a Hino Series 700 Tandem Drive Truck

We currently have the Following Water Truck

  • 1 x Hino Series 500 Tandem Drive Truck Mounted with 15,000 Litre Tank, including air Operated pressure Sprayers at Rear, Road Washer at Front & Full remote Water Cannon operated from within Cab, air operated Gravity sprayers at Rear & 1” hose Reel.
This unit is also available for other project please Contact us

Mud Recycling System

We currently have a Mud Puppy 170-2sc Mud Recycling System that is used to with our Drilling Rigs, it’s main use is when the Mud Motor is in use to Recycle the water that is need to Run the Mud Motor.

But is able to be use for other project including Dewater of Hole, that need to have Silt removed.

Fusion Equipment

We currently have 4 x Butt Fusion Welding Machine & 1 x Electro Fusion Welding Machine, we have the Capability of Butt Fusion from 50mm to 630mm.

These are used for the fusion of HDPE Pipe to enable installation within a Bore hole Or within an open trench.

We are able to Fuse Pipe for our Own Project or Contract out to you.

Internal De-Beader

We Currently have 2 x Internal De-Beading Tools, Which are use to remove the Internal Bead from HDPE after Butt Fusion, when the Pipe is to be use for Gravity Sewer Or Stormwater.

We have the Capability to De-Beading 90mm ID to 500mm ID HDPE Pipe