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BackLarge #2- Grundo 18ACS

Installation Distance1m 220m
Installation Pipe Size25mm 650mm
Spindle Torque7375 ft-lb/10,000 Nm
Drilling Fluid on Truck8,000L

The Grundo Drill 18ACS is the latest Drill to joint our Fleet. Having a Small foot print & compact size, it is suited to drill in urban areas.

This Drill uses a New System call Twin Rods, where the Out Drill Stem(Rod) which gives rotation to enable Steering and Inner Stem(Rod) is which is Used to Spin the cutting tip(Tri Cone cutter) up to 350RPM. This gives the drill the same power doing a 10m Bore OR a 200m Bore.

This system has an advantage over using a Mud Motor as the large amounts of water are not need to run the Mud Motor.

This Drill is able to handle Ground type of Soil, Clay, Shale & Rocks of all types.

The Machine is supported with one of our Vacuum Systems to control all drilling fluids

The Drill is transported to site on one of our Modern Iveco Truck & Trailer. Once Drill Rig is unloaded the trailer can be placed off Site if Space is unavailable.