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Hydraulic Pipe Cutter

We have purchase a Rotation Hydraulic pipe cutter, to assist us with installation of our pipeline Projects.

It is also available for hire, to assist you with your installation OR repair of Pipeline

Rotation hydraulic Cutter Specs-

Pipe Size - From 150mm (6 Inch) to 1200mm (48 Inch) OD with a Max wall Thickness for Cutting of 25mm (1 Inch).

Pipe Materials MSCL, A/C, CICL, DICL, PVC, Concrete, HDPE

Pipe Types Potable Water, Recycled Water, Sewer, Storm Water

  • Unit is Hydraulic driven via Excavator.
  • Personal are not Required to be in the Hole when pipe is being cut.
  • Cutter makes a Square Cut on Pipe.
  • Water Cooler Blade
  • Only requires 300mm to be excavated under pipe to preform Cut.

Please Contact us to discuss your Pipe Camera Needs