Specialist in Underground Infrastructure and Asset Relocation

Vertical Drill

R & R McClure Excavations own & Operated 2 x Vertical Dills

1. Kanga TD825 Loader with a Vertical Drill Attachment. Which is greater for Limited access Sites
It is able to Drill Vertical hole of 63mm Diameter using an Air Operated Hammer to 50m in Depth. This machine is greater for Rock Bolting, Deep Drill Earthing Systems, Retaining Wall Restraints, Concrete & Rock Dowling.

2. Vermeer D20x22FX Series II this Machine is able to Drill Down an Embankment, Or Vertically Drill for Installation of Earthing Grids, Rock Anchors. Drilling 100mm (4 Inch) Diameter Hole, up to a Depth of 64m Depending on Ground Conditions

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